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Addressing Homosexuality with Clarity and Compassion Online Course (Premium)

"Spectacular!...A clear, winsome and engaging treatment of one of the most important topics of our time." 

 ― Eric Metaxas, Bestselling Author, Bonhoeffer and Amazing Grace; Cohost, BreakPoint. 


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Dr. Sean McDowell tackles one of the most controversial topics of our time: homosexuality and the Bible. Is homosexual behavior a sin, and if so, is it worse than other sins? What kind of attitude should we have with our same-sex attracted friends? Is homosexuality a gospel issue? Why are some Christians abandoning the view of homosexual behavior held by the church for two thousand years? Do their revisionist arguments have merit? 

In this PREMIUM course you will get all the benefits of the BASIC course, plus you will participate in four live 90-minute Zoom Q&A sessions with Dr. Sean McDowell, and one 90 minute live session with Dr. Frank Turek. Along the way you will gain profound insights and practical advice as they examine the biblical evidence relating to homosexual behavior. They'll do this in the spirit of grace and truth, with compassion and clarity. If you join them, you will become equipped to do the same. 

What you will be learning in this course

In this new course, Dr. Sean McDowell will help you to:  

  • Know if God has a specific design for sex and marriage.
  • Understand the biblical evidence regarding homosexual behavior. 
  • Examine and respond to the arguments of people who support the revisionist interpretation. 
  • Learn how to approach the issue of homosexuality biblically with compassion and clarity. 
  • Answer your personal questions on this issue during the live Zoom sessions (4 sessions with Dr. Sean McDowell and 1 session with Dr. Frank Turek)

 This is what some are saying about

Addressing Homosexuality and Dr. Sean McDowell:

Sean McDowell has a gift for taking tough concepts and bringing them down to earth in practical ways that make a difference.

— William Lane Craig, Ph.D. - Research Professor, Talbot Seminary

Sometimes it seems like all the logical arguments for traditional marriage were trumped by the two words: marriage equality. Sean McDowell and John Stonestreet provide an important perspective with compelling prose and selected interviews. They explain how we got to where we are today, set forth the case for marriage, and provide an action plan for the 21st century. You need this book order to understand what is going on and in order to be an effective witness for Christ.

Kerby Anderson, President, Probe Ministries; Host, Point of View radio talk show

The mainstreaming of homosexuality is such a contentious issue in society today primarily because it creates a very radical view of human sexuality and the family that no society has ever faced before. Those of us trying to navigate this issue in thoughtfulness and truth have a valuable gift in what McDowell and Stonestreet provide for the Church in this important book. They are uniquely well-versed to provide this wisdom and insight, both from much study and experience as thought leaders.

Glenn Stanton, Director of Global Family Formation Studies, Focus on the Family

John and Sean have supplied the evangelical church with a much-needed, practical guide for reasoning well within the reality of same-sex marriage in our society. This well-written work is a sobering yet hopeful examination of the factors that have led to our current social ethic on sex, marriage and identity, as well as an insightful map showing the Christian community our pathway back to regaining our cultural influence. This book is a must read for everyone who is seriously seeking to move from simply winning arguments to the gospel call of winning souls.

Chris Brooks, Campus Dean, Moody Theological Seminary—Michigan; Senior Pastor, Evangel Ministries, Detroit, Michigan

This 8-week course includes 4 hours of engaging and practical video presentations by Dr. Sean McDowell. PREMIUM COURSE offers Zoom sessions where you can ask questions and participate with LIVE discussions with Dr. Sean McDowell!

Dr. Sean McDowell is a gifted communicator with a passion for equipping the church, and in particular young people, to make the case for the Christian faith. He connects with audiences in a tangible way through humor and stories while imparting hard evidence and logical support for viewing all areas of life through a Biblical worldview. Sean is an Associate Professor in the Christian Apologetics program at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University.In April 2000, Sean married his high school sweetheart, Stephanie. They have three children and live in San Juan Capistrano,

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